Photo gallery and videos competition

Send your photos and/or videos to until May 31st. showing your field work or landscape in Antarctica. The best three images and best three videos will be prize. The images will be displayed during the PAIS conference 2017 and will then be published in the gallery section of the PAIS web site. Please be aware that if you submit your images and videos you agree on the public use of them from PAIS for educational and outreach purpose.
We cannot guarantee that images and videos that will be submitted after May 31st will be considered for the 2017 competition. We accept files up to 25 Megabyte. If you have larger size files you can use wetransfer, drop box or other services.
Please for each image and video submit also a short caption/explanation of the images (your name, address, e-mail, institution, image or video location, expedition date, funding agency, ownership information, etc.).