Abstract submission

Online abstract submission will be available from March 1 st , 2017 - Submit HERE your abstract

Authors will be asked to indicate the preferred way of presentation (poster or talk) and the

theme they feel to better describe their presentation

(1) Advances in Antarctic ice-sheet reconstructions from geological and ice core archives.

1A: Deep time reconstructions.

1B: Recent reconstructions (LIG to present).

(2) Advances in understanding the drivers, processes, and rates of past and future Antarctic ice-sheet change from models and data

(3) Teleconnections, far-field responses to Antarctic ice sheet change

(4) Co-evolution of climate and life in the Antarctic & Southern Ocean

(5) Emerging research priorities of societal relevance

5A: Science-logistics- management opportunities and challenges.

5B: PAIS Policy-relevant research outcomes for IPCC AR6.

5C: Improving engagement and reach.

Abstract length should not exceed 450 words (download template). 

Figures and tables should be submitted as separate files, and NOT inserted in the text.

Figures as separate files in png, gif, jpg, jpeg format larger than 30x30 pixels.

Files must be less than 60 MB.

Name your contribution as follows:

PAIS17_First author name + number of submission for multiple abstracts_theme

e.g.     PAIS17_DeSantis1_1A.doc;      PAIS17_DeSantis2_5A.doc; …. 

People presenting a talk are encouraged to submit abstracts for relevant poster

presentation as well.

Submit HERE your abstract