Exhibition stand price and features: euros 800 + VAT, including: 3x2 m pre-equipped stand with partition walls, carpet, front panel with the exhibitor’s name, spotlights, table, two chairs, hangers and basket, 220 volt electricity outlet. The fee includes the free registration of a person to attend the stand. The registration fee for each extra person who will only be standing at the exhibition stand is euro 200. It is possible to book "multiples" of the standard box (e.g. m 6x2, with doubling of standard equipment, euros 1,600 + VAT and two free enrolments in the conference). The organization is managed by Quickline Trieste, to which the request for participation shall be directly submitted via email.

Please contact: 
Quickline sas
Via Santa Caterina,3    34122 Trieste
Tel: 040 773737-  040 363586