Call for Digital Figure Competition PAIS 2017

All of us know the power of an image; visual content has the power to explain, engage and inspire people. To prepare us for the Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics (PAIS) Conference 2017, we invite you to participate in a Poster-Figure Competition before the PAIS Conference. The goal of this competition is to share PAIS science with the public by telling a scientific story or explaining a concept in just one IMAGE, illustrating what we know but also what we still have to understand and discover. As the overarching goal of PAIS is to improve predictions of ice sheet and sea-level response to future climate change and ocean warming, we are looking for figures that capture scientific knowledge from any of the four following scientific research areas linked to PAIS main goal:
1) Palaeoclimate Records from the Antarctic Margin and Southern Ocean
2) Palaeotopographic-Palaeobathymetric Reconstructions
3) Subglacial Geophysics
4) Ice Cores and Marine Core Synthesis

A. Format and contents:

• The figure can be an infographic, a cartoon or a diagram; we encourage you to create animated figures.
• Image format JPEG or TIFF in color or white and black. Image size: 10 MB files, 300 dpi.
• The figure should be in landscape (horizontal) orientation.
• Legible text (minimum recommended font size: 16pt)
• Word limit in the image is 300 words (max.), but please try to keep text to minimum
• Text must be in English.
• The figure should have the author names, affiliation and e-mail address in the lower right corner (not included in the word limit)
• Title (max.:15 words)
• Keep in mind that your main audience will be general public

B. Submission:

If you want to participate by sending a figure, send it to
In the submission, please add:

• Category: A) fixed images B) animations
• Status: A) Scientists B) University student C) Other (specify)
• Name, affiliation and e-mail address
• Permission for PAIS to use the picture on its website, facebook and flickr accounts and during the PAIS conference and workshops
• Caption, max.: 60 words.
Figures must be submitted before 2 July 2017 (23:59 GMT). You will be notified the decision of the Selection Committee by July 15th, 2017

C. Reviewing:

A committee composed of scientists, journalists, artists, teachers and students will select the best images of each categories. The evaluation will consider:

• Coeherence with PAIS themes (0-5 score);
• Clarity in delivering message (in terms of educational and informative value) (0-5 score);
• Originality and aesthetic aspect (0-5);

D. Prizes:

• First place for each of the two categories (fixed images and animations): free registration for PAIS Conference 2017
• Second place for each of the two categories (fixed images and animations): free accommodation for PAIS Conference 2017
*These prizes will work only for one person per figure

For more information, please contact Pamela Santibáñez ( or Mathieu Casado (