Organizing Committee

Laura De Santis: chair - OGS (Italy)

Renata G. Lucchi: vice-chair - OGS (Italy)

Paolo Giurco: logistic organization - OGS (Italy)

Francesca Petrera: secretariat and outreach - OGS (Italy)

Barbara Merson: secretariat and outreach - OGS (Italy)

Liana Zonta: administration - OGS (Italy)

Antonella Barbieri: travel and accommodation - OGS (Italy)

Mounir Ghribi: relationship with local political authorities, international institutions and with potential local private sponsors - OGS (Italy)

Riccardo Farneti: scientific program and relationship with ICTP - ICTP (Italy)

Elisabetta Olivo: management of students issues - OGS, University of  Siena and APECS representative

Michele Zennaro: PAIS conference 2017 website curator - OGS (Italy)

Simone Vecchi: PAIS website curator - INGV (Italy)

Renzo Mosetti: relationship with COI (Commissione Oceanografica Italiana) - OGS (Italy)

Alessandro Crise: relationship with Marine Board - OGS (Italy)

Emanuele Lodolo: relationship with CSNA – PNRA (Scientific Committee for National Antarctic Research) - OGS (Italy)

Angelo Camerlenghi: relationship with the Joint Programming Initiatives JPI Ocean - OGS (Italy)

Ester Colizza: relationship with University of Trieste and with Museo Nazionale per l’Antartide (MNA) - UNITS (Italy)

Renato R. Colucci: organization of geological field trips and relationship with EMS European Meteorological Society and CGI Comitato Glaciologico Italiano - CNR ISMAR (Italy)

Barbara Stenni: relationship with IASC International Association of Cryospheric Sceinces - Ca’ Foscari University (Italy)

Anna Pirani: Link with IPCC, Scientific Program and funding raiser - Head of IPCC – WGI TSU (Technical Support Unit)

Massimo Presti: relationship with local school teachers and international Polar Educators - Istituto Comprensivo

Giancarlo Roli (Italy)

Anna Maria Fioretti - CNR Istituto di Geoscienze e Georisorse Padova (Italy)